BAF for is %

Dear customer,

Following further fluctuations in fuels prices, and no sign that stability will return to the Price of fuel, Mattheeuws Eric Transport NV has taken the decision to implement a revised BAF clause on its road transport work with effect from the first of each month.

The following table indicates the level of BAF that will be applied based on the average price of the fuel as per on the previous month.
Click on the month of 11/12 to convert into the 100% base.

In July, fuel is at -19.7 %
So, the BAF for September is at 0.1 %
In August, fuel is at -22.83 %
So, the BAF for Oktober is at -0.9 %
In September, fuel is at -23.24 %
So, the BAF for November is at -1.0 %
In Oktober, fuel is at -23.83 %
So, the BAF for December is at -1.2 %

It is our intention to revise the BAF rate on a monthly basis, and to inform our customers both by email and via the news page on our website

After January 2013, the formula "% change in price of diesel times % of share of diesel in the total cost" will be corrected with the correct % share of diesel in total costs for 2013. Until now, the proportion of 2010, ie 26.3% was used.

On the 1st of January 2013 the fuel part in the Total cost was 28.5 % ( The fuel account for December will be : 5.6% up to 31/12/12 + (-23.83 % * 28.5 % = -6.8 %) = -1.2 %

So the BAF for December is -1.2 %.

Thanks for your understanding.

Yours faithfully

Eric Mattheeuws